Making Your Translation Project Easy

With more than 20 years of experience offering high-quality translations, the Avantpage team could go on and on about ways to make your translation project easier from a Language Service Provider’s perspective. We wanted to find out what our healthcare clients do to make their translation project easy when it comes to translating necessary documents. So, we reached out to a few of them to see what they thought. Here’s what they advise:

Philip Barragán from the Los Angeles County Department of Health says …

Check the Reading Level of Your Materials

Pre-translation, assess the material for the education level of the audience. With the population that we serve, we like to keep material at a fifth- to sixth-grade level. Before we submit text to Avantpage, we run it through an online system that will check the education level to make sure that what is translated is going to be the appropriate level for the audience.

Avoid the Rush, If You Can

Sometimes, in the work environment, translation is often thought of at the last minute. To avoid a rush charge, we need to be sure that we plan ahead. Planning for how soon you need the item returned is important.

Get the Right Translator For The Job

We deal a lot with medical vocabulary. It’s important to get the right translator on the Avantpage side so that someone who has that knowledge can translate appropriately for that population.

Try To Combine Documents To Save

There have been times when I just need a few things translated versus a three-page document. So, I may submit a few different projects together so that it’s cost-efficient. That way, I’m not incurring three separate small charges versus just one charge for the project. That’s something to think about that could help keep the cost down.

Create A Standard Glossary

Our office has put together a list of common words, terms, and phrases and submitted that to Avantpage. Avantpage then takes that and creates a whole glossary of terms that we use so that the translation will be consistent for all projects. This allows us to work ahead of time so that there’s no guesswork and can save time.

Yi Yao from Delta Dental of California says …

Be Detailed Oriented

Read through all of the request instructions from your internal clients. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you need it because you can only provide a quality job if you understand what they’re asking for.

Mark The Milestones

Your project manager will help you navigate all the deadlines and milestones associated with your project. Make sure to include these important dates in your daily planning, so you don’t miss one.

Milly Bengoa Valencia from Inland Empire Health Plan says …

Stay Up To Date

Translators who work in the medical field must ensure that they are fully up to date with terminology. Make sure you’re working with an LSP that works translators who are.

Keep The Target Language In Mind

In any area, the language translation requires an insightful understanding of both grammar and culture. It guarantees that the results are precise, readable, interesting, appropriate and right on target. Translation is more than cross-linguistic duty, but it meaningfully is cross-cultural communication.

It is very, very important that the translator deeply understand the target language and culture. Experience, acuity, and attention to detail are essential for all language professional in any field for translation

There you have it! Avantpage agrees with all this expert advice, and we appreciate these three people for taking the time to share it.

At Avantpage our experienced team that can help guide you through the translation process and make your translation project easy. To find out more about our services call us at 530-750-2040 x11, or request a free quote.