Social Services professionals are in a unique position to provide support to a variety of populations. Whether planning nutritional programs, after school programs, or coordinating family planning – Limited English Proficient (LEP) populations are touched by your work on a regular basis. Social Services translation helps to bridge the gap between what you’re offering and the populations that need your services. 

All government-funded entities are regulated for translation, but the specific documents that must be translated are not referenced by regulations like Title VI and Executive Order 13166. The decision as to what documents must be translated for each office is individual to a point, but translating key documents across all social service providers can increase the ability for all to access the vital resources you offer.

Vital Social Services Translation Projects

A vital document is one that contains critical information that needs to be understood in order for an LEP person to fully engage with the services you’re offering. These vital documents include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial assistance documents
  • Housing assistance documents
  • Medical care information
  • Counseling and other mental health information
  • Welfare program information
  • Notices of language assistance

If your native audience has access to the information and needs to fully understand it in order to actively participate in your programs, your LEP audience needs to have the same access. 

Other Social Services Translation Projects

There are other social service translation projects that your organization should consider, outside of vital documents. Translating these documents can benefit your LEP populations and make them feel more included in your community. Other translation projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Nutrition program information
  • After-school program information
  • Education options

These social services translation projects benefit your populations by making your programs accessible to all, but they also benefit your organization. Taking on these projects can increase the overall image of your organization, and the public’s satisfaction with your organization. If you want to get started on your next social services translation project, we can help! Call us at 530-750-2040 or request a free quote today.