Halloween is widely thought to have originated from Celtic tradition, and was officially incorporated into the Christian calendar by Pope Gregory III in the 8th century, when he designated Novermber 1st ‘All Saints’ Day,’ and the evening before as ‘All Hallow’s Eve!’

Despite it’s unclear origins, though, and whatever it may have lost over the years from being adopted and transformed by different religions and cultures, it remains an internationally recognized event across the world.

How this tradition, rooted in Celtic practice around 2,000 years ago, has managed to survive across the globe is a miracle of language. Even now, as different parts of the world choose their own distinct forms of honoring this holiday, modern global communities are scripting and learning from each other how to adapt Halloween and keep it alive for future generations!

At Avantpage, we love culture, and we believe that language is the seed in which culture transmits from person to person, or nation to nation! We hope you have a great Halloween later this month, and look forward to hearing about your experiences!