Big Changes for Ahead for Healthcare Translation in 2014

Preparing_for_Covered_California2Covered California is poised to hit the ground running later this year! Since 2011, Avantpage has been following the health benefit exchange every step of the way—attending board meetings, creating reports and communicating with Board members, health plans and consumer stakeholders. And we know this: Covered California will have a dramatic impact on healthcare in the coming years.

To help you prepare for the major changes ahead, we’ve created an information-packed new Special Report “Preparing for Covered California Today.” It’s part of our ongoing healthcare series to help you make smart decisions and get prepared regarding translation needs, requirements and priorities as Covered California becomes a part of the healthcare landscape.

Download our Special Report now, and understand exactly how Covered California will affect your organization:

  • Prioritize your translation needs as Covered California takes effect
  • Develop project timelines to meet translation requirement deadlines
  • Improve your LEP audience communication efforts
  • Capture new health plan prospects and transform those new members into lifelong customers

Contact Avantpage today to be well prepared for Covered California and effectively communicate with your LEP customers.