Everyone is a hero to somebody. Whether a big or small act, a single act or a repetitive act, an action that you’ve taken has certainly been seen as heroic. We are all, in some way, heroes to somebody else.

Our employees are no different. They go above and beyond to help our clients, team members, and communities. The actions our employees take are certainly heroic in our eyes. That’s why we asked them to submit hero stories, stories in which they witnessed a team member take a step, or many steps, beyond what is expected to assist others and truly live our brand. Jameson’s hero story is one of many that illustrates the dedication of our team members to their work, and the dedication of our team members to living our brand.

Jameson’s Hero Story

Jameson Hoscyns is the PHI Project Coordinator in our Davis, CA office. Jameson’s hero story directly impacts our clients and offers a solution to a significant translation issue.

In September of 2018, Jameson was preparing a Burmese letter for delivery to our client. Our Proofing Department had caught a variety of issues in this letter, and Jameson was reviewing those issues to ensure the translated letter was delivered without errors. While he was reviewing this letter, he noticed that many of the errors that were present in the letter had to do with encoding corruption. After looking at the client’s Translation Memory (TM), Jameson noticed that the Burmese in the TM had encoding issues, and he set out to fix the issue.

Jameson’s hero story continued with him pulling all Burmese Translation Memories hosted by Avantpage to check the encoding of each one. He set out to make a list of recommendations to address the encoding issues and prevent any future quality issues with the Burmese language.

Jameson worked diligently to find a solution to this problem and brought it to the attention of our entire Ops+Quality team in order to effectively work through the problem and find an appropriate solution. Through these discussions, Jameson was able to fix the encoding issues within the Burmese language. In doing so, he greatly reduced the possibility of future Burmese translations being inaccurate and eliminated the encoding issue.

Here’s what Einhorn Lopez, our Proofing Coordinator, had to say about Jameson’s hero story:

I think the most remarkable detail is that, despite the fact that we have never received any complaints about our Burmese translations, he cared about the quality of the work we deliver to our real customers, the people who need the translations.”

Jameson not only helped to ensure a higher level of quality in our Burmese translations, but he also made those translations more accessible to those that will be using and interacting with them. Jameson’s hero story is a true testament to how much our employees care about the end-users of the translations we provide, and how dedicated our employees are to their work. We’re grateful to have such dedicated members as Jameson on our team, members who truly go above and beyond to provide empathy and opportunity to all people.