Health plans have a lot to keep in mind when starting new translation projects. While the process of translating your documents keeps you in regulatory compliance, there are other benefits to health plan translation projects as well.

Health plan translation and regulatory compliance

The regulations that dictate what a health plan can translate come from a variety of different sources including the ACA, CMS, and Title VI. At the least, you need to translate the following documents to remain in regulatory compliance:

  • Applications;
  • Consent, grievance, appeal, and complaint forms;
  • Correspondence containing information about eligibility and participation criteria;
  • Notices pertaining to the denial, reduction, modification, or termination of services, benefits, non-payment, and/or coverage;
  • Explanations of benefits or similar claim processing information;
  • Rebate notices;
  • Notices advising individuals of the availability of free language assistance;
  • Summaries of benefits and coverage;
  • Formulary drug lists;
  • Provider directories;
  • Insurance policies, insurance contracts, evidence of coverage documents, or similar legally-required documents; and,
  • Documents that require a signature or response.

The languages which you translate these documents into are the threshold languages in your area. These regulations all help to increase language access to your health plan services.

Health plan translation beyond the regulations

Outside of maintaining regulatory compliance, there are many benefits to health plan translation projects. One benefit of your translation projects is increased understanding from your member base. This can create a positive brand image and social discussion surrounding your health plan, potentially driving more business.

Additionally, health plan translation projects increase the overall satisfaction of your Limited English Proficient (LEP) members. This increase in satisfaction creates a more loyal member base which, in turn, creates more business and generates more revenue for your health plan.

Above all else, providing translated health plan documents allows for your members to better understand their healthcare coverage, and have increased access to healthcare services in general.

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