At Avantpage, our customers are our most important asset. Day in and day out, Avantpage translation professionals at every level of our organization strive to provide the exceptional customer service that has become a hallmark of our organization. Clear communication, commitment to our customers, prompt attention to details, issues and concerns –– it’s all part of our dedication to delivering quality, service and value.

Our second annual Customer Service Survey has been completed, and once again respondents have provided us with valuable feedback we will use to determine where and how we can improve our services.

Customer Satisfaction– Where Do We Stand?

When asked about their level of satisfaction with Avantpage, 93% of respondents are satisfied with their level of service. When asked specifically which attributes generated the most satisfaction, respondents cited, in order, the quality of translations, turnaround time and responsiveness.

AvantFlow – Convincing More Clients to Go With the “Flow” 

The data indicates that the majority of our clients are not using AvantFlow, our free online project management tool. AvantFlow allows customers to request quotes, check project status, give detailed project instructions, upload source files, assign due dates, download files from previous projects and much more. Those who are using AvantFlow indicated that they are very happy with it, and so we would love to get more of our clients on board. To that end, we offer AvantFlow training, demos, information and more – just call for details!


One of the greatest compliments we receive is when we learn that a satisfied customer has recommended us to a friend or colleague. If a customer values Avantpage enough to recommend us to others, we must be doing something right! In our 2012 survey, 91% of respondents indicated that they were likely to recommend our services to other professionals.

Where Do We Go From Here?

We asked our survey respondents for their suggested improvements – we value our customers’ opinions and always try to incorporate their suggestions and comments into the fabric of our organization. We were immensely gratified at the positive feedback we received, including, “You guys are awesome!”; “Keep up the good work!”; “I am quite happy with your service”; “Staff are always kind, pleasant and eager to help”; “Had nothing but positive interactions with your company”; “In the past two years the customer service has been great, the turnaround time on requests has also been good, keep up the good work.”

The 2012 Avantpage Customer Service Survey has provided us with critical information we will use to further improve our quality of service, our relationships, and the processes and procedures that drive our organization. We look forward to continuing a positive, mutually beneficial translation partnership with all of our valued customers.