Translation and Customer Service–Where Do We Stand?

At Avantpage, we are always striving to improve our value to our customers. From embracing the latest translation technologies to fine-tuning our “people skills,” we are committed to doing everything we can to deliver a superior product and meet our customers’ needs more fully. To that end, we rely on customer feedback to improve our services. We recently distributed our annual customer service survey, an important benchmark tool used to determine how our customers view our services, where we stand out, and where we can improve.  The survey was sent out via email, and contained both multiple-choice and written-response questions. We were gratified by the scope and honesty of the responses, and would like to share some of the findings based on our analysis of survey results.

When asked about their level of satisfaction with Avantpage, 97% of respondents are satisfied with their level of service. When asked specifically which attributes generated the most satisfaction, respondents cited:

  • the quality of translations (94%)
  • turnaround time (94%)
  • responsiveness (95%)

When asked if there were any unaddressed needs that Avantpage was not meeting, 100% of respondents replied “no,” indicating their high satisfaction levels. When asked why our customers chose us, respondents reported “quality” and “accuracy” and indicated that they were pleased with how Avantpage delivered on both of these attributes.

Also a great compliment for us in this year’s survey results, 96% of respondents indicated that they were likely to recommend our services to other professionals. Thank you!

Avantpage – Committed to Quality, Service and Value

The 2013 Customer Service Survey enabled us to gain valuable feedback from the people who matter most – our customers. We’d like to say thank you to all the individuals who took the time to participate in our survey. We appreciate the time and effort they took to respond, as well as the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of their replies. We are using this information to further improve our quality of service, our customer relations, and the processes and procedures that drive our organization.