Translation services are beneficial in nearly every industry. While some are required to translate their documents, most simply see the benefit of clear communications, regardless of regulations. Human Resources professionals can see a variety of benefits from HR translation projects. If you work for a global company, HR translation projects become even more important as you look towards building an inclusive community. 

HR Translation: the documents

If you’re interested in translating your HR documents, but not sure where to start, there are a few key documents to look at translating. 

First, consider translating your HR policies and procedures. If you have an employee handbook that sets out the expectations for how your team works, this would be a vital document to translating. If you need all of the employees in your organization to follow a single set of standards, or comply to a single policy, then a miscommunication of those standards/that policy could cost you more than just frustration; you may be looking at legal penalties, lost time, or increased overhead costs as a result.

Company announcements also require translation. Ensuring that all of your organization understands what is going on internally can help to increase efficiency, create community, and prevent misunderstandings. 

Finally, translating safety and benefits information should be top-of-mind. Employees need to learn about and fully understand the relevant safety information and benefits the company offers. All team members need to know how to keep themselves safe on the job, and all team members need to understand what insurance options and other benefits are available to them. 

HR Translation: the benefits

While HR translation projects are not legally mandatory, there are many different benefits that you can see from pursuing these projects. 

In the United States, we’re increasingly seeing a blended workforce. A mix of nationalities, cultures, and languages currently exists in our county, and having an efficient workplace means including all people that could work for your organization. Being prepared to support a multilingual workforce, with proper training and informative materials, allows your organization to expand its recruiting efforts and even consider expanding globally. 

Beyond this, translating these documents creates a culturally sensitive and inclusive work culture. This promotes a sense of loyalty among your employees and can increase your employee retention rates. 

Regardless of whether your company is global or local, there’s no doubt that HR translation projects benefit your organization as a whole. We can help you get started on your next HR translation project, and build expand your organization’s hiring opportunities. Call us at 530-750-2040 or request a free quote today.