Starting your work with a Language Service Provider can be intimidating. There are many factors to consider when you choose an LSP, one being how your LSP measures and assures quality. At Avantpage, we consider more than 40 pieces of information to ensure you get a high-quality translation that serves you and your consumers. Each piece of data helps us to better contextualize your translation needs.

High-Quality Translations

While each project may not have all 40 pieces to consider, we always look for the following five pieces of information as part of our five-item quality checklist. These pieces of information provide the main context of your document and allow us to produce the highest quality translation of your document.

1. Function

To provide the highest-quality translation, we need to know how you plan on using the document. If your document is being printed, your translation may look different than if it is being used to make an audio recording. The function of the document helps us to communicate your message in the best way.

2. Purpose

Another piece of information we consider is the purpose of your document. What are you trying to do with the final product? For example, are you obtaining information from your end-user, or giving them information? We want to ensure your document continues to serve this purpose, even after translation.

3. Audience

Who will receive the final translation? Your end-user is one of our biggest considerations in assuring a high-quality translation. The document will read differently if your end-user is from an area with a specific dialect of your language, or if they are in a certain life stage.

4. Domain

Your industry, or domain, informs how we translate your document. A high-quality translation for the healthcare industry might include different terms and phrases than a high-quality translation for the elections industry. To make sure we’re using the language that your consumers expect, your industry is a key point in our contextualization process.

5. Genre

Finally, we need to know what kind of document you need translated! If your project involves translating a letter to your end-users, it will read differently than if your project involves translating meeting minutes. This helps us make sure the tone of your translation fits the document you’re providing.

Above all else, we work to ensure that the translation you receive from us is of the highest quality possible. To do so, we spend time contextualizing the document before translating it. Your translation needs are our highest priority, and we treat each project with the time and consideration it deserves.

To find out more about our translation services, and our quality review processes, contact us at 530-750-2040 or request a free quote today.