While there are many industries that are regulated for language services, even those that aren’t can benefit from language projects. The language services industry continues to grow as more organizations recognize the need to translate, localize, or format their content for their Limited English Proficient (LEP) audiences. These industries aren’t regulated for translation, but they benefit from it all the same. 

Industries that benefit from language services

Marketing, advertising, and PR
Are you trying to break into a new market? Perhaps you’re thinking of taking your organization global? If so, you’ll want to look into translating or localizing your marketing, advertising, and PR content. The key to reaching new audiences is ensuring that your target audience can fully understand your product or service, and how it benefits them. Translating or localizing your marketing content can make all the difference when it comes to selling products or services to a new language market.

The technology boom continues on, and language services greatly benefit your technology organization. If you’re looking to increase the availability of your services to a global audience, or you want to bring on more qualified candidates, translating your content can help you to achieve either. More LEP and non-English speaking organizations are likely to contract your technology services, and more qualified candidates will be able to apply for your open positions. 

If your hotel or other travel organization is located in a tourist destination, language services can help you to acquire more customers. Localizing or translating your website, booking information, and other related content can help tourists to better understand what you’re offering, and make them more likely to engage with the services you offer.

Banking and finance
Banking and finance organizations can benefit from language services to help ensure clear and accurate messaging to all. If your financial organization works with multinational organizations, LEP populations, or non-English speaking populations, translating your messaging helps to ensure that your terms, expectations, and more are clear to those who are engaged in business with you.

If you don’t see your organization on this list, your industry will still benefit from language services! These services can offer clarity to LEP and non-English speaking populations, while also attracting more customers or clients to your organization. If you want to discuss the benefits of translation for your industry, call us at 530-750-2040. If you’re ready to start your next translation project, request a free quote today.