Localization is the process through which businesses customize their products, services and Internet presence to reflect differences in distinct markets – for example, when branching out to reach non-English-speaking or international markets.

Localization involves much more than just translation. Graphic design, use of color, currency, symbols, writing style and cultural references are just a few examples of elements that come into play when preparing to localize.

Why localize? In today’s marketplace, the better question would be “why not?” As global markets grows ever more accessible, and more non-English speakers gain buying power and online acumen, localization represents the future of successful businesses. Localizing your online business presence allows you to tap into previously inaccessible markets, shows that you are culturally and ethically sensitive to customer needs, and gives you a leg up on your competitors. Localization also polishes your corporate image, and increases your visibility as a trusted provider of products and services.

Avantpage specializes in helping businesses develop and execute a localization strategy that reflects their specific needs, markets and products. For more information on how Avantpage can help you localize your website, download our new localization guide, AvantWeb: Essentials of Web Localization. Inside, you’ll discover answers to all your questions about the localization process: how it works, what’s involved, what you need to provide, and how the workflow will proceed.

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