As a health care provider, you know that clear, open communication with your clients is critical.  If your LEP (Limited English Proficient) clients don’t fully understand discharge instructions, insurance information, consent forms, applications, and other written materials, you may be putting them – as well as yourself and your organization – at risk.

When you make an effort to communicate with your clients in their primary language, the benefits are enormous. You will improve understanding of insurance and plan guidelines; reduce medical misunderstandings, billing errors and potential malpractice charges; and provide the opportunity for more positive health outcomes across the board.

At Avantpage, we specialize in translation for the healthcare industry, and work closely with some of today’s largest healthcare organizations.

  • We translate into more than 150 languages
  • Our work is accurate, culturally sensitive and consistent
  • We use state-of-the-art web-based translation technology
  • We take steps to ensure our services remain affordable and cost-effective
  • We work with you to create a translation program that fits your needs, budget and compliance requirements

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Don’t let inaccuracies in translation hinder the effectiveness of your message, drive off potential business, or compromise patient care.

Looking to translate urgent information related to COVID-19?

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