Avantpage and School Innovations & Advocacy have partnered together for the 9th year in order to deliver SARC (School Accountability Report Card) documents that accommodate multiple languages and are fully compliant with state and federal laws regarding translation of materials.

SARCs represent a school’s opportunity to highlight the year’s success stories, generate community support and goodwill, provide information to the public, build support for upcoming bond legislation, and promote a positive outlook for the coming year.

When 15% or more students enrolled in a particular school speak a single primary language other than English, all notices, reports, statements or records, including SARCs, must be communicated in that primary language in addition to being written in English.  Parents or guardians of these students may respond in either English or their primary language. Schools are responsible for posting their SARCs online if they have a website, and must make hard copies available to parents if requested.

The deadline to complete and publish SARCs is February 1, and Avantpage has been working closely with SI&A, handling translation assignments for a variety of SARC projects in languages including Spanish, Hmong, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Khmer. Avantpage’s goal is to ensure that SARCs are communicated in a clear, accurate, and culturally sensitive manner.

Avantpage and SI&A have worked together on many projects over the years, and SI&A remains one of our most valued long-term clients. Dr. Luis Miguel, CEO of Avantpage, says, “Avantpage is privileged to work with SI&A on the translation of these important documents, which keep California public schools, parents, and the community connected.”

Since 1996, Avantpage has offered accurate, high-quality LEP (Limited English Proficient) translations for industries including Education, Medical/Healthcare, Elections, Financial, Government, Medicare Marketing, and more.