At Avantpage, we pride ourselves on being a highly data-driven company. And we understand that our clients want to be able to access the same technology and insights into language data that we use internally — that’s why we developed our signature customer portal, AvantPortal.

AvantPortal is a comprehensive platform that offers a wide range of features tailored specifically to our customers’ needs. From seamless service requests to streamlined invoice management, file organization, and communication between the client and Avantpage, the portal’s multifaceted capabilities empower clients to navigate translation projects with finesse.

We’ve designed and developed our customer portal with your priorities in mind, ensuring that clients are able to tap into a wealth of insightful language data and more. This data can help you work smarter and faster, allowing you to reduce costs and get even more value out of our language services.

In AvantPortal, you have access to a customized dashboard that includes all sorts of useful information at a glance, including translation criteria, current and past projects, quotes, contact information  — just to name a few. If you want to really get into the weeds, you can monitor the status of your entire project workflow to know exactly where you are on project delivery status, KPIs like project frequency, number of requests, timeliness, and more.

We worked with our account manager Eduardo Diaz to help you come up with ways to leverage language data and make the most out of your experience with AvantPortal. In this blog post, we’ll shed some light on how clients like you can harness this resource to enhance your operational efficiency and strategic decision-making.

So without further ado, here are five key things that Eduardo says clients should know about AvantPortal and how to make the most out of the platform to leverage your language data.

Data Visibility for Shaping Strategies and Driving Efficiencies

AvantPortal is a powerful tool for clients, providing you with key data on translation projects and an easy way to contact key folks in our organization. Here are some tips to get the most out of AvantPortal.

1.   Analyze Spending Data to Reduce Project Costs

AvantPortal provides you with all sorts of spending data that you can use to your advantage when working on future projects with us.

By evaluating year-to-date expenditures, clients can assess whether they align with projections or if you’re over-/ under-spending. You can also break down that spending data by language, team, and service to see where things are running most efficiently and where things can be improved. We encourage you to work closely with your account manager to find ways to decrease spending or delegate funding to other kinds of projects.

And of course, the portal also allows you to swiftly check payment status and identify any outstanding invoices.

2.   Lower Prices with Rush Translation Data

Rush translations can run up your bill quite a bit, as they’re typically more costly than translation projects with a longer deadline. Thanks to AvantPortal, you can see which teams and individuals are requesting rush translations frequently so that you can educate them on the importance of preparing ahead of time.

Data on rush translations — from who’s requesting them to when they’re being requested most frequently — plays a significant role in refining your operational efficacy (and ours!). In addition to using this data as an educational tool, we can also look at peaks and dips in rush translation demand throughout the year to streamline workflows and anticipate workload fluctuations.

3.   Optimize Savings with Translation Memory Data

Data on translation memory (TM) usage is a goldmine for cost optimization.

AvantPortal succinctly reveals the distribution of brand-new terms, fuzzy matches, and 100% matches. These insights can provide you with tangible evidence of savings derived from TM usage. And much like with spending data and rush translation data, you can also use AvantPortal to break down TM usage by language and identify areas for improvement. This in turn will improve your cost efficiency and optimize your savings.

4.   Streamline Processes via Service Request Insights

Understanding historical trends in service requests is an important part of efficient project management.

We urge clients to delve into the peaks and troughs of project volume across months and quarters. This analysis will help you identify patterns of increased demand so you can prepare accordingly. Segmentation by departments, project types, and service categories enhances the precision of this analysis, facilitating more targeted decisions.

5.   Leverage your Partnership with our Account Managers

Your account manager is here to help — AvantPortal makes it easy to get connected with them and take advantage of their wealth of knowledge.

The account manager-client partnership thrives when clients provide feedback on how they want to visualize data, driving customized solutions that align with the organization’s unique needs. Our seasoned team of account managers possesses insider insights into industry trends and best practices that can guide you in finding the language data you’re looking for. But they won’t just help you find it — they’ll also help you figure out the best way to actually use it.


At Avantpage, we’re proud to have an in-house tool as powerful as AvantPortal. This platform proves to be indispensable for data-driven clients who need insights into the translation project management process.To recap, here are five ways you can use AvantPortal to take your projects to the next level:

  • Analyze Spending Data to Reduce Project Costs: By looking at how and where you spend your money on projects with us, you can reduce costs on future projects.
  • Lower Prices with Rush Translation Data: Rush translations can be costly — if you’re requesting too many of them, it could increase your spendings significantly. Understand how and why your organization requests them so that you can better prepare in the future.
  • Optimize Savings with Translation Memory Data: Translation memory is a powerful tool that can help you save on translation costs if used right. Evaluate areas that could use some improvement and take action accordingly.
  • Streamline Processes via Service Request Insights: By looking at peaks and dips in your service request frequency throughout your history working with us, you can better prepare for future periods of high demand.
  • Leverage your Partnership with our Account Managers: Your account manager is here to help you figure out the best approach to utilizing the wealth of data that’s available to you in AvantPortal.

From cost reduction through spendings analysis to process refinement via rush translation and Translation Memory data, AvantPortal equips clients with the tools they need to make informed decisions. Want to learn more about how you can use AvantPortal to leverage language data? Contact us today at [email protected] or (530) 750-2040.