Whether you’re starting a new translation journey, or you’re a seasoned veteran, finding the right Language Service Provider (LSP) who can meet your organization’s needs is key. When you’re in search of a partner for your language service needs, you need to be sure that the LSP you’re reaching out to will be able to reach your target audience(s) effectively. 

What to ask a new Language Service Provider

There are a few key questions that can help you determine if the LSP you’re thinking of partnering with is the right LSP for your organization. 

What industries do you work with?
Many industries are regulated for translation. If you’re in one of those industries, it’s likely that your potential LSP has experience in the industry. However, part of choosing a partner is ensuring they have the experience to translate documents for your industry effectively. 

What are your standard turnaround times? How are rush projects handled?
Knowing the process of submitting a language project to your LSP can help you to plan ahead and be sure you’re prepared to work on a timeline that is appropriate for both your organization and your LSP. Having prior knowledge of turnaround times and rush projects can assist in ensuring that your language projects are completed on time, and that you’re submitting documents on a proper timeline.

What languages do you work with?
If your LSP doesn’t work within your target language, they aren’t the right LSP for your organization. Identify which languages you’ll need language services for, and be sure to partner with an LSP who works with those languages and dialects. 

What technologies do you leverage to make translation projects more successful?
Working with an LSP who uses language technologies like Translation Memory, and linguistic assets like style guides and glossaries, can help to ensure that your documents are translated consistently over time. Additionally, these technologies help to save your organization time and money in the long run. 

Who will be on my translation team?
You should be aware of all the people that will have their hands on your language projects. From account managers and project managers, to translators and quality analysts. Ask about how translators are tested to work with the LSP and be sure that you’re comfortable with the process of how your LSP handles language projects. 

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