Amour. Liebe. 爱. Though every culture and language describes it differently, love in its many forms is a universal feeling. Whether romantic love, familial love, or friendly love, this emotion unites people through kindness, compassion, and affection. To celebrate love and the bond it creates, Avantpage asked our translators around the world to share translated phrases about love in their native language. The responses were heartwarming, charming and, well, lovely. Here are some of our favorites:

Translated Phrases


Original Phrase: Ես քեզ աշխարհի չափ սիրում եմ

English Translation: I love you like the size of the world.

This phrase is used to show how big your love is for another. The size comparison to the word shows your loved one just how big and endless your love is.

Translated phrase "I love you like the size of the world" from Armenian

Cambodian (or Khmer)

Original Phrase: ស្រឡាញ់ កូន មួយ តៅ ស្រឡាញ់ ចៅ មួយ ថាំង

English Translation: Love your children one bucket but love your grandchildren twice of buckets.

This expression demonstrates how parents often love and care for their grandchildren more than their own children. The bond between grandparent and grandchild is held in highest esteem in many cultures.



Original Phrase: 愛就是心心相印

English Translation: Love has two hearts beating as one.

This phrase exemplifies how love is the conjoining of two people into one. When two people are meant to be together, their hearts recognize this and beat together.

Translated phrase "love has two hearts beating as one" from Chinese


Original Phrase: Oude liefde roest niet.

English Translation: The old love does not rust.

This phrase is meant to show that long-standing love does not die. A love that is built between two people over a long period of time will not lose its shine, it will always be present.

Translated phrase "the old love does not rust" from Dutch

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Original Phrase: 하늘만큼 땅만큼 사랑해!

English Translation: I love you like heaven and like earth.

This is another phrase used to illustrate how big your love for someone is. If you love another like heaven and like earth, you love them idealistically and with your whole heart.

Translated phrase "I love you like heaven and earth" from Korean


Original Phrase: Przez żołądek do serca.

English Translation: From the stomach to the heart.

This phrase refers to gaining someone’s love through good food. The person who prepares the meal shows their love and care through it, and the person who eats falls in love.

Translated phrase "from the stomach to the heart" from Polish


Original Phrase: Я достану тебе звезду с неба

English Translation: I will get you a star from the sky.

Usually, this phrase means that love so inspires someone that it can make that person capable of achieving anything, even getting a star from the sky.

Translated phrase "I will get you a star from the sky" from Russian


Original Phrase: Las miradas dicen a gritos lo que el corazón calla.

English Translation: The eyes shout what the lips fear to say.

This phrase is meant to explain the feeling you have when you cannot express your love through words, but your eyes can express it through how you look at someone.



Original Phrase: Mahal kita maging sino ka man

English Translation: I love you whoever you are.

This phrase shows your love that you will love them, no matter the changes they undergo. If they change, you will still love them, no matter who they end up being.

translated phrase "I love you whoever you are" from Tagalog

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