Avantpage Translations

This year, Avantpage will celebrate 21 years of providing high-quality translations that help our clients reach out and communicate effectively in any language. But, our core mission goes much deeper than that: we believe in enabling immigrants to achieve their American dream through language services.

When I founded Avantpage in 1996, our original mission was, “to provide translation for websites.” I wanted to make use of my technical know-how and background in computer science for the translation market in the new web medium. Over the years, the company’s mission and reasons have become deeper and more meaningful.

What we do at a surface level is translate documents primarily between English and Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and another 150 languages. But, at a deeper level, we make it possible for people from different cultures to communicate effectively. What we really do is provide opportunities for people to thrive and make contributions to society.

So, you see, we go from just translating documents to giving people opportunities.

For our clients, we do more than translate, edit and proofread. We find out what our client needs, convert those needs into actions, and then we fulfill those needs. At an even deeper level, we provide peace of mind to our clients. When the result is a document in an unfamiliar language, our clients need to know they can trust us. Through our interactions and the quality that we provide, we offer peace of mind to them.

What gets me up in the morning and what motivates me to take on the responsibility of having clients and team members all over the world, is that we have a calling. And that calling comes back to why we do what we do.

All our Avantpage employees and freelancers love language. But, at a deeper level, we care about helping people communicate across cultures. When we work with clients in the healthcare, elections, government and education fields, we make it possible for their audiences to participate in society.

I think this is especially important with the work we do for elections. By translating documents into different languages, we enfranchize the voters of each place we work with. Our work enhances democracy and makes participation possible.

It’s not really just paper pushing. It’s not really just exchanging emails with people or talking to contractors. It really is about making this a better world, one word at a time.

Avantpage by the numbers Making Better World One Word

21 years of work in one graphic.