Despite the proclamations by some that United States health care leaves much to be desired, the U.S. is the destination of choice for hundreds of thousands choosing to leave their countries for medical procedures each year.

According to one study, in 2008, 3.5% of inpatient procedures in the U.S. were performed on international patients. In response to the linguistic challenges that such tourism presents, Avantpage Translations recently released Part I a special report called “Medical Tourism: A Linguistic Perspective.”

Part II of the report deals with the considerations associated with inbound medical tourism, and reasons why hospitals and other health care providers should consider using a professional translation service. Hospitals in the U.S. have to ensure compliance with federal anti-discrimination laws and other regulations designed to protect the non-English speaking consumer. At the same time, providers wish to create targeted marketing campaigns for specific groups as well as offer a “concierge” experience for each international patient.

Recognizing this, Avantpage offers a full complement of translation services to help providers attract foreign patients and provide the best service possible.