At Avantpage, we believe in providing the opportunity for all people to pursue their dreams. Not only do we live this through our mission to provide translations that help immigrants to understand the world around us, we live this in our daily actions as well.

The journey our employees go on throughout their time at Avantpage highlights our desire to allow others to pursue their dreams and grow both professionally and personally. Monika’s journey from Project Manager to Operation Manager is just one example of how we live our mission.

Monika’s Journey

Monika Wiatrowska started working with us as Project Manager at the Mexico office in December of 2013. She was inspired to apply at Avantpage because of the position’s relation to her degree in Spanish Studies. Though she had never worked in the translation industry before, she was excited to learn about a new industry that could bring her new experiences and satisfaction.

Monika’s journey started with her being accepted to the open role of Project Manager. As a Project Manager, she processed documents to be translated for our clients. After a few months of training, she had clients assigned directly to her which gave her the opportunity to work on every stage of processing the requests. From receiving source files to invoicing the closed project, Monika saw to it that every step of the process was taken care of.

In the process of learning about the translation industry, it became clear that Monika was a very fast learner. Her manager, Vera, quickly took notice and allowed her to learn more about the automations and advanced features offered by our translation tools.

After two years in the Mexico office, and being incredibly happy in her position, Monika’s journey took her back to Poland for personal reasons. As she puts it, “even though one chapter in my life ended, the journey had just begun.” Avantpage opened a new satellite office in Poland, and Monika was offered the position of Operations Coordinator, which she enthusiastically took.

While Monika’s journey wasn’t easy, she “received all the support in order to handle healthy and professional relations within the company.” She had the opportunity to develop her leadership skills through coaching sessions, attend conferences, visit US clients, and travel back to the Mexico office.

Monika’s journey has allowed her to grow both personally and professionally. “Through what I learned professionally, I feel that I have become a better and wiser person. As my working relations evolved, my personal relations got stronger. I solved personal problems in a more mature way because of how I had learned to solve issues at work. Professionally, I have more networking connections, and feel much more confident in the translation industry. I no longer feel afraid to ask for help or explanation, I feel a desire to constantly pursue learning opportunities.”

Monika’s journey is a hallmark to the opportunities we give to our employees, and the dedication our employees have to their work. Of her journey, she says, “I feel very grateful for the opportunities that I have been given.”