Translation in Healthcare: As a Health Plan, What’s in it for You?

We have a wonderful, informative new report on how our comprehensive translation in healthcare package works for your business.

CoverYou know that translation plays a critical part in providing quality healthcare, but like many health plans, your organization may question how to best allocate resources and how to provide the highest-quality translations for the most reasonable costs.

Download our Special Report now, where we address some of these questions and concerns, such as:

“We Have Our Bilingual Employees Do Our Translations”, “I Don’t Know How to Get Started with the  Process”, “No One at Our Organization Has Time to Spearhead Translation Initiatives”, and more.

Avantpage helps clarify the important role that thorough, accurate translation plays in providing comprehensive healthcare to California’s residents.  We lay out steps that help you avoid the misunderstandings, miscommunications and alienation of your LEP audience that, in the end, could cost your organization time and money to correct.

About Us

At Avantpage, we use only professional, certified translators with years of experience translating healthcare materials. We work with you to establish a budget you are comfortable with, and save you money whenever possible. Our high-quality translations ensure that the information conveyed to your non-English-speaking enrollees and potential enrollees is accurate, culturally sensitive, and presented at appropriate audience reading levels.