At Avantpage, our project management team is indispensible. We thought we’d take a moment to reveal just what our PMs are responsible for and why they’re so critical to our success.

At Avantpage, our project managers are the liaison between our clients and translators. They are responsible for ensuring that projects progress smoothly, that everyone is on the same page when it comes to expectations, and that communication between all project team members and client representatives is flowing freely.

What are the characteristics our project managers share? For starters, the ability to think on their feet and change focus midstride is paramount. Add to that, a knack for solving problems in an instant, staying calm during crises and the ability to handle multiple requests without breaking a sweat.

Project managers for Avantpage are familiar with all aspects of language translation, customer service, billing issues, and technical support. They act as troubleshooters, expert communicators, quality control specialists, production coordinators, sales support, and tech advisors.

Our project management team is responsible for assessing and distributing workloads, organizing client meetings, monitoring performance and productivity, organizing training and support for team members, communicating client needs to the translation team, overseeing AvantFlow, AvantMemory and other translation technology tools, ensuring that processes and procedures remain cost-effective throughout the life of a project, and keeping tabs on quality issues. Our PMs keep your projects on track, on target and moving forward, every step of the way!

To find out more about Avantpage’s PM team, call 877-ANY-LANG or email [email protected] today!