Your translation team is more than just a translator or linguist who is working diligently to translate your content and documents. In fact, many people work together behind the scenes to ensure the quality of your translation at each step of the process. Here are some key roles a capable translation team will have.

Project Manager

On a day-to-day basis, the project manager is whom you’ll work with the most on your translation team. This person is intricately involved in all the details of your project, from understanding the content to spotting confidentiality issues to selecting the best translators and designers for the job.

Account Manager

Your account manager gets involved when your needs go beyond an existing translation project. For example, if you want a different service that’s not in your contract, your AM will be the person who asks some questions about your needs to develop pricing. Your AM can also work in tandem with your PM to help resolve specific problems.


Every project is a bit different when it comes to geography, field, and language, and finding the right linguists who fit those specifications is essential. To find the right fit for your translation team, your PM should match qualified translators with your specific project’s needs and languages to ensure success.


The proofer is the quality control person on your translation team. This person focuses on the last step of the translation project and ensures the quality of the translation, the layout, and any non-linguistic requirements. These people focus on details and understand how to work with style guides and specifications.

Depending on the complexity of your project, your translation team may also include designers and other professionals who can help steer your project to success. For almost every project, a capable and talented translation team can make all the difference.

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