The role of a translator may seem straightforward: the translator converts text from the source language to the target language. But while this is technically accurate, the role of a skilled translator is much more complex and goes far beyond this simple definition.

The translator and communication

The translator plays a direct role in communicating with your target audience. The main role of the translator is to ensure that your original message comes across to the reader exactly as it was intended, without any distortion.

When a translator receives a document, they go through a series of steps to create an accurate depiction of what was said in the original message. This means not only looking at the words of that message, but also faithfully delivering the context to the target person(s) in a manner which they can understand.

The translator and culture

Another role of the translator is to understand the target audience’s culture and to ensure that this understanding is portrayed in the written translation. This allows your message to come across more effectively and more accurately. Wherever possible, working with a translation team that shares the culture of your audience will create more trust, higher levels of accuracy, and an unspoken relationship.

The translator and subject matter

The translator you work with should be a subject matter expert in what they are translating. When you work with a Language Service Provider (LSP) like Avantpage, your translators have proven experience in the subject that they are translating. This creates a more nuanced end product and helps to ensure that industry terminology is translated in an accurate manner.

The translator and business growth

Finally, the translator plays a role in helping to increase the rate of growth of your organization. Translating your documents has benefits far beyond regulatory compliance. Pursuing translation projects can increase the social image and reputation of your organization, which in turn leads to customer/member loyalty and helps you to attract new business.

The translator supports your organization in many different ways. Working with an LSP like Avantpage means that you can rest assured that translators fit the above criteria. But that’s not all: an LSP also provides a multi-step editing process, quality control, account management, and so much more. We can help you get started on your next translation project; give us a call 530-750-2040 or request a free quote.