Avantpage Translations, a language service provider specializing in translation services for government, elections, and healthcare, recently announced the latest company expansion after experiencing a record year of growth. The company moves to having an in-house Spanish linguistic team. This change will be pivotal to improving overall client satisfaction through faster turnaround times, higher quality translations, and lowered costs.  

2022 featured numerous core company achievements like ISO 9001 and 17100 certifications and a spot in the top 30 LSPs in North America. It became apparent that growth in services and increased in-house capacity would be crucial in continued success to ensuring our clients see improvements in our services. “By having an in-house group of proven and experienced Spanish [linguists], we will be able to deliver better, customized Spanish translations faster and at lower cost,” said CEO Luis Miguel.  

Dominika Villafuerte-Woszczyk, Director of Operations and Quality, and long term Avantpage employee with 10 years of industry experience, expressed the potential impact of these changes. “Our internal dedicated Spanish team opens up a new door of opportunities for our clients. We are increasing our in-house linguists, so our processes will be more straightforward and effective,” explained Dominika. She went on to share that by having this dedicated, in-house team, there will also be more internal control of these projects, leading to higher quality services, faster turnaround times, and better opportunities for quality control in specialized areas like machine translation post-editing (MTPE) and remote interpreting. 

“All of us at Avantpage are very excited to bring in-house the Spanish linguistic function. We expect that it will be transparent to our clients who will only see that our services keep improving in quality and speed while remaining price competitive.” Luis hinted that Avantpage will be a company to watch over the coming years due to many different investments for improved client satisfaction, such as the launch of Avantpage Life Sciences division in Europe, and enhancements to proprietary client tools like AvantPortal and AvantData with new technology to supplement the company’s remote interpreting. “We are excited about Avantpage’s future and will continue to bring to the market services designed to support immigrants in the USA and Life Sciences companies in Europe!” 


About Avantpage Translations 

For over 25 years, Avantpage has partnered with both public and private sector organizations to help their diverse and limited English proficient audiences gain more equitable access. We translate, interpret, and localize in more than 150 languages, and we believe in showing Empathy Beyond Words through the humanistic qualities of your audiences. Our goal at Avantpage is simple: to help our clients create a linguistic bridge that connects people, cultures, and communities through mutual understanding. For more information visit www.avantpage.com.