Data science is the process of using algorithms, methods, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data. In simple words, it means that executives and professionals use data and analytics to make predictions, to enhance optimization, and to improve operations and decision making. As it is constantly growing, it enables businesses to become more data-driven with better insights and knowledge.

Like many organizations, Avantpage’s primary mission is to serve its customers. But at Avantpage, we go beyond the level of expectations of our customers. We vowed ourselves to help immigrant and LEP communities achieve their American Dream through translation services. With Empathy Beyond Words, we deliver the best translation and localization services to our partners and their end-users, while ensuring the happiness of our employees and providers through growth and opportunity. How do we do it? We leverage what we know… 


What our customers want

Faster. Better and More… with the end goal of being productive, obviously! Our success is no longer measured exclusively by how fast we can deliver error-free translations of high volume correspondence and other written materials. Nowadays, it depends on a holistic partnership with our clients. They want better organization and tracking of their projects, simple yet robust CRM tools, and a friction-free connectivity between them.


Why data matters

Having visibility in what matters to our customers gives us an opportunity to improve the way we deliver our services. Everything our partners do leaves a data trail. This information is then used to optimize processes to increase the overall efficiency of our business. Why does it matter? We believe data is the currency of the future. Harnessing data enables us to craft proactive solutions of value, to stay relevant and aligned with our customers, to maximize our cross-functional team’s time and to have intelligible insights, better planning, and forecasting.

Data is the currency of the future


The types of data that affect change 

Like many organizations operating in today’s metrics-driven environment, data is key to justify a business case or to validate the need for a change. But what type of data is the most critical to gather? For us and for many LSPs, the relevance of the data depends on the questions requiring answers. What are we trying to learn from it?

Data enables us to gain visibility to the unknown. By soliciting and capturing the right information through the use of online forms or customer portals, we are able to anticipate the workload, the type of project requests, the language distribution before engaging in a conversation with our prospects and clients. We reduce risks by systematically tracking our on-time delivery records. Our teams consistently strive to increase efficiency gains through better and more effective processes, leveraging translation memory best practices to shorten delivery cycles and increase quality. Supporting the compliance needs of our clients, listening to how they want to see their data being reported, and ensuring their files and projects are managed according to their regulatory guidelines, helps us to build stronger partnerships. 

Such information helps us to be relevant, to communicate effectively to our partners and to help them with their immediate and future needs. It also provides us with insights into relationships that can be used to improve our business decision making. It transforms the way we do business and drives innovation. 

What do we do with data

We needed a solid foundation, infrastructure, and processes to utilize the data we garnered, so we created AvantData. It was developed and implemented internally based on the cost-effective but highly skilled talents of our Systems Team. Our leadership team is invested and committed to its success, and the members have been instrumental in its inception and on-going development. Our first applications focused on creating dashboards for internal information, workflows for project optimization, and a portal to service our customers.

Efficiency, productivity, and sense of urgency are some of our outstanding strengths and we were able to optimize them by leveraging AvantData. For example, thanks to the data, we were able to systematize our projects with optimized workflows. Our system is prompted every 10 minutes, it triggers the creation of a new workflow, automatically builds a project, retrieves respective files and notifies the relevant teams. 

Our teams leverage AvantData’s insights for decision making and planning. We focus on areas that add the most value for our customers as well as for our business. Thanks to the data, our teams are able to perform targeted Marketing activities, effective account optimization, as well as outstanding proactive account planning and growth. Using data to understand trends at the client level allows us to foresee peaks in project requests and scale accordingly. 

AvantData also empowers our employee career paths and opportunities. Finally it helps to organize our data for a future AI implementation roadmap. 

What do we do with data


Gathering and managing data is essential for our productivity, customer relevance, and sales effectiveness. A data science strategy requires resources, expertise, and financial investment but it is essential for a company of any size. Whether it’s a startup, SMB, or an established corporation, it will help to serve customers faster and better while keeping employees happy and productive. We find that people, processes, and technology can be combined powerfully, even within a small structure like ours. 


Luis Miguel Jessica Rathke

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