Thanksgiving is always a fantastic opportunity to spend time with friends and family, we as a business are thankful for that!

The language industry this year has had a lot of exciting new developments, so we wanted to point out our favorite trends and let you in on our gratitude list!

  • Healthcare – We’re so grateful for new healthcare developments in motion such as Covered California and other health exchanges made to consecrate the Affordable Care Act under Obama, we are so committed to the translations work we do in health care, which helps diverse peoples get insured and quality treatment!
  • Elections – We were so proud to be able to do crucial translations work for various CA counties this year, we’re grateful for our continued opportunity to work in government and legal translations, bringing crucial legislative information to LEP’s all over the country!
  • Translation Technology – We’re always on the cutting edge of translations technology and e-tools, that’s why we’re grateful for the many advances made this year!

We at Avantpage are thankful for you! Make your voice heard with us by leaving a comment on our blog!

May the good energy of turkey dinners be with you!