Covered California–the New Name of California’s Health Benefit Exchange

Covered_California_HealthcareThe California Health Benefit Exchange is an entity devoted to making healthcare and insurance more affordable and higher quality for all Californians, regardless of income or background. On October 30, the Exchange approved its new title as ‘Covered California’ and unveiled the program’s logo. We like the name and its logo very much and appreciate the time and research they spent, ensuring both resonated with California’s diverse population.

Their work is set out for them; at any given time, 7 million Californians live uninsured in healthcare, check out our special report for more! When 2014 rolls around, (with a projected number of 3-5 million people expected to be enrolled in the then-operational marketplace), we too, will have our healthcare translation work ahead of us!

As a translations company, we know how diverse CA’s population is, including the amount of wonderful languages spoken! That’s why we’re committed to using our expertise in the Healthcare Industry to contribute to Covered CA’s mission: to spread quality, affordable care to all Californians.

Please join us as the state of California provides new healthcare opportunities to its population by giving us your feedback on your experience of its impact, and by engaging us to help you with your translation needs in health or other areas that could improve a community’s well-being!