You may have some interactions with translations companies that bring you face to face with foreign terms or processes not necessarily found in other trades!

One of these terms is ‘translation attestation,’ which is used as a regulatory requirement to verify that the raw facts in a translated text are valid, without commenting on the quality of the translation itself!

Another term you may see flung around in the U.S. translation-biz is LEP, which simply refers to a person or group of people who have ‘Limited English Proficiency!’

Let’s turn on the heat a little here and introduce denser jargon known to the seasoned language business world…. terms like GILT. Despite how it may sound when pronounced, this has nothing to do with the feeling you may have after finishing a bag of potato chips yourself! GILT in the translation world simply stands for Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation, and is used as a broad term to refer to all the processes in global translation!

If you have more curiosities about jargon translation terms, you can see our translation 411 list.

As a company always striving to improve itself for its clients’ benefit, we’d also love to hear you contribute your own gems of knowledge regarding difficult translation terms!