The digital age is profoundly impacting society as we know it, but since we do translations best, let’s focus on the changes happening there!

As consumerism’s voracity has sharpened, and people used to the exponential growth of technology start expecting faster turnaround times, corporations look for work that is cheaper, and faster. Machine translation has played a pivotal and controversial role in this trend, as well as translation glossaries and other extraordinary web/digital tools!

Sensationalists and extremists on both sides wonder if the combination of the growing sophistication of non-human translation tools, and the increasing reluctance to hire translators who don’t use these tools to expedite their process will contribute to the end of the translation industry as we know it.

We, at Avantpage, though, say ‘no!’ to those extremists. We’re reasonable and clear about our mission: to use our custom array of translation technology to its utmost potential without sacrificing the quality of the work. And the truth is for however much technology becomes able to do, there is never a full replacement for a human translator (especially ours!) using his or her unique sensibility and professionalism to do the job just right!

We’re always giving you the product we know you’ll respond to and want to come back for, and we know how to keep the outflow of quality work streamlined with the optimal efficiency of machine/human collaboration!

Have a wonderful 2013, translation!