Elearning. It’s not just found at .edu websites. The industry is growing rapidly both in the education and corporate worlds. As the world increasingly turns to digital solutions, more students are finding it convenient to complete their courses of study online, just as more organizations are looking for cost-effective ways to complete their employees’ training requirements. This trend has also opened up a new need – Elearning translation. As more programs become available for students and workers, it’s imperative that all have equal access to these online learning opportunities, and that includes Limited English Proficient (LEP) students.

Elearning Translation Services

If you’re looking to increase the availability of your Elearning courses, there are many different language services that can help. 

Localizing your Elearning content from end-to-end can exceptionally increase the accessibility of your online learning platform. Localization will ensure that all of your content reads, looks, and feels as though it was originally created in the target language. All of your graphics, colors, and text will be adjusted to ensure that your LEP students can effectively interact with your learning platform. 

Translating your Elearning content will ensure that the text provided to your students is understandable. Not only will this increase the number of students that will pursue learning on your platform, but those students will also be more able to engage with your written content on your learning platform. Elearning translation projects can open up education opportunities to students that wouldn’t otherwise have them if your organization doesn’t have the time or ability to start a localization project.

Video captioning is another option for your Elearning platform. If your platform uses a variety of videos to engage your learners, providing captions in your target languages can help LEP students to more effectively understand the content. Easier than creating the same video in multiple languages, video captioning can help your students to learn the material and can help you to garner more interest in your program as a whole.

Elearning translation documents

There are many different documents, forms, and types of content that your organization may want to translate, localize, or caption. Some of these documents and content include: 


  • Enrollment forms
  • Admission information
  • Event information
  • Department information
  • Applications for change of major/minor
  • Financial aid information
  • Class content
  • Video content
  • Curriculum information


  • Employee onboarding forms
  • Training materials
  • Employee assessments
  • Ongoing training
  • Process and product/service rollouts

The more content that your organization has undergo Elearning translation, the more LEP students and employees your online learning platform will serve. Not only is this positive for the students, as they’ll be better able to understand and learn from your platform, but this is also positive for your organization. By serving more LEP learners in-language,  you can help to increase your social image, increase the desirability of your programs, and more. If you want to get started on your next Elearning translation project, we can help. Call us at 530-750-2040, or request a free quote today.