When you hire a Language Service Provider (LSP) like Avantpage, you’re trusting that qualified, professional translators will be handling your language needs. At Avantpage, our linguists are put through a rigorous testing process to ensure they will be able to meet the needs of our clients. Our translator testing process involves multiple steps, from verifying credentials all the way to a complete onboarding package.

Translator Testing: Verifying Credentials

When translators apply to work with Avantpage, we collect a wide variety of information to ensure their credentials meet our standards. We begin by reviewing their resume, and any supporting documentation they’ve sent in. We require that all of our translator applicants send verification of their certifications, including any language associations with which they’re certified, any schooling they’ve completed, and any additional certifications that prove their knowledge and skill in the translation field.

When we verify credentials, we also look to ensure that the translator is qualified to use Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools and speak to any references they have listed.

Translator Testing: The Competency Test

Our translator testing process includes a competency test. Our Quality Management Team has developed three different competency tests for the fields of healthcare, elections, and social services, as well as a variety of Spanish-to-English translation tests, as that is our most frequently requested language pair.

These tests are aligned with ISO 17100 standards to support our quality values, and they focus on the following competencies:

  • source language competence
  • target language competence
  • translation competence
  • cultural competence
  • research competence

The completed test is sent to one or more of our current editors and proofreaders, who score the test in each one of the above competencies. The most highly competent translators are selected by our Provider Management Team, and receive an invitation to partner with Avantpage as a contracted translator.

Once a translator has accepted the invitation, a full onboarding system including internal training, monitoring by our Project Management Team, and constant feedback on linguistic and non-linguistic evaluation.

This translator testing process allows us, and our clients, to have full confidence in our translators as they work diligently to translate documents on-time and in-budget. If you’d like to start a new translation project with trusted and verified translators, give us a call at 530-750-2040 or request a free quote today.