As defined by the translation industry, glossaries are client-specific guidelines created to be used across all projects generated by a particular client. For instance, a glossary for a health care client might contain such items as: agency names, health plan names, program names, job titles and key words. All of these items need to be translated the exact same way no matter where in the document they are. It becomes even more important if we are talking about a website and the translation of navigation buttons.
To create a client glossary, our team of specialists will go through a sample set of your files and select terms that would need to be translated consistently for all your documents. They will then create a list of suggested translations, and we would submit the list for your consideration. You would then have the option to review these terms and provide us with feedback.

Once the terms are finalized, the glossary is uploaded to our online translation system and the terms are automatically highlighted so that the translators are aware that there is a “rule” in place about how to translate this particular item.

Although creating a glossary requires some time on the part of the linguists and the client, in the end having an approved glossary in place assures that the translations are consistent and accurately reflect client preferences.


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