Organizations that rely on translation services to communicate information about their products and services to diverse cultural and ethnic groups know that project management, workflow management and linguistic assets management are a large part of the translation process. Some work with Translation Management Software (TMS), and others do much of the work manually. Those who work with TMS have found that their multilingual projects are completed more quickly, with fewer errors, higher quality and greater control of projects from initiation to invoicing.

Rather than sending, receiving, organizing and managing projects manually, TMS automates the translation workflow system and reduces the margins for error throughout the process. Using a software system designed for translation management takes the guesswork out of the translation process and ensures that projects are completed on time, that workflow is automated from start to finish, and that all people involved in a project have the same access to resources needed throughout the project’s completion cycle.


TMS: Quicker, easier, less room for errors

Once a translation project is decided upon, TMS can gather and select appropriate source files and content, batch them, and have them ready for the next steps immediately. All translation team members have access to the same software platform in real time, enabling them to work concurrently, see changes as they happen and monitor quality control every step of the way. TMS is able to locate and access an organization’s specific glossaries, style guides and translation memory through secure cloud-based storage. Translators, in-house reviewers and project managers can access these resources for specific projects instantly through TMS. Another big plus: using TMS ensures that the latest versions of translated files are automatically renamed, filed and delivered to the Cloud, ready to be exported when needed.

Avantpage uses AvantFlow 2.0, powered by XTRF, which is an integrated translation management system, for all client projects. AvantFlow 2.0 is a proprietary system developed for Avantpage to give clients a better way to automatically manage every aspect of their projects from beginning to end. AvantFlow 2.0 provides clients with an easy-to-use customized dashboard portal that allows them to automatically do everything from tracking projects to paying invoices.

From Avantpage’s perspective, this system frees project managers from manually creating quotes, emails or POs, ensures 100% accuracy, and allows PMs increased personal one-on-one time with clients. As a result, there is greater understanding of client needs, less repetition of tasks, and quicker completion of projects, coupled with greater translation accuracy and overall efficiency.