Translation Memory (TM) is a database of all previous translations that were created specifically for a client. Think of a TM as a long list of A = B, where A is a sentence from the source document and B is the same sentence translated. When you submit a new document, the document is uploaded into the Avantpage online translation system and is analyzed against the TM. What this means is that all sentences that have been previously translated are automatically pulled up and inserted into the corresponding “B” field. This is called a 100% match because the new sentence matches 100% with another sentence that has been previously translated. If the new sentence matches only a portion of a previously translated sentence, it is called a Fuzzy Match.

Fuzzy Matches are useful because during the translation process the translator can see how the similar sentence from a previous document was translated and base the new translation on that. This assures an added level of consistency across documents and preserves the client’s style and tone. Finally, there are the Untranslated segments, which are sentences that have never been translated before and will be translated “from scratch.”The usage of a TM increases the quality of the translated document as well as assures stylistic consistency across documents. Also, all sentences in the document are reviewed by a translator to ensure that everything is correct and accurate.


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