There are many different benefits to translating your organization’s documents, regardless of whether you’re in an industry that regulates translation. As our world becomes increasingly globalized, it’s important to ask how translation services fit into the overarching goals of your organization. Pursuing translation services through a qualified Language Service Provider (LSP) can make all the difference in expanding your organization’s reach. 

Why pursue translation services?

Outside of the regulations you may or may not encounter in your industry, there are many benefits to translating your organization’s documents. If your organization is looking to expand internationally, pursuing translation services can support a better level of engagement with your organization in your new target market. Ensuring that your audience can fully understand the messages you’re sharing with them increases the likelihood that your audience will want to engage with the product or service you’re launching in their market. 

Translation services can also help to support customer loyalty and community building. When your organization shows support to Limited English Proficient (LEP) customers through clear, understandable communications in a variety of languages, those customers are more likely to continue bringing their business to you. Additionally, when LEP customers know that support is available in their native languages, they’re less likely to seek out a new product or service provider when they encounter problems or have questions. If your organization is able to provide customer support in a variety of languages, your customers are more likely to be loyal to your organization. 

Finally, translation of your documents can support your organization in finding the right applicants to fill your open job positions. Our country is increasingly multilingual and multicultural, and finding the right qualified applicants for job openings means being able to reach out to all potential applicants in a clear and effective manner. 

Who needs translation services?

If you’re in a regulated industry like healthcare, government, elections, or education, you know your organization needs translation services. In order to maintain regulatory compliance, there’s a variety of documents you’ll need to translate and have available to LEP consumers. While you’re regulated to do so, translating your documents still maintains the additional benefits mentioned above for your organization as well. It can even be worth looking into translating additional documents, or translating your documents into additional languages if you’re looking to reach a particular organizational goal. 

Beyond regulated industries, there is really no industry that doesn’t benefit from translation services. While your organization may not be regulated to pursue translation services, it will still see the benefits of doing so. International organizations should highly consider translation, and even localization, of product and service information in order to build on current success in non-English speaking markets. 

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